Is to become a global company that is ready to serve throughout the world with its well- known prestigious and quality works.


Is to play an effective role in the development of Turkey both at home and abroad, and fulfill the duties against all stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and society.


Metis is always ready to take into consideration:

  • Total quality approach in all aspects of the jobs,
  • The basic principles of engineering, namely “safety, technique, economy, aesthetics, and functionality”.
  • The sensitivity to environment and society.
  • The mutual benefits of its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, society.

Besides its Total Quality Standards ISO 9001:2000, Metis has further provided its full material and moral support in necessary regulations for the performance of the requirements of ISO 14001 ¦ Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 – Labor Health and Safety Management System certificates. Within this respect, Metis undertakes:

  • To provide the customer satisfaction through performing the all requirements of contract.
  • To comply with the laws, regulations, and rules of the related parts.
  • To put into practice the environmental sensitivity for the prevention of pollution.
  • To assure continuous improvement in all the system that we work on.
  • To align the financial sources, technologies, and human resources, with our strategic goal.
  • To form an organization that learns, develops, and shares continuously through effective training programs.
  • To assure the continuous development through the participation of all employees at all levels.